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How to deal with Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome is an extreme feeling of loss, grief, sadness, loneliness, purposelessness, insecurity, endless worry, and boredom felt by parents whose children spread their wings and fly to follow higher studies, career, and their own relationships, Read More

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How to Overcome the Fear of Failure?

Failure and success both are relative terms, that mean different things to everyone. What one person considers successful; another may consider, a failure. The level of failure and success depends on the person and what they valueRead More

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Best Tips to Become Resilient

Psychological resilience is a person’s emotional ability to stand strong in the face of crisis and bounce back with greater strength. A resilient person chooses to move forward by utilizing their inner resources to adapt to the threatening situation and emerge stronger than ever. Read More


How to Overcome the Perils of Perfectionism?

The thing about perfectionism term that the term has been glorified & we often fail to realize that it comes with a dark side. Paul Hewitt & Gordon Flett describe 3 types of perfectionism: socially prescribed; other-oriented; & self-oriented. Read More

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How to Deal With Grief?

The loss of a loved one is never easy, it is life-changing and leaves a profound hole in life. Life gets irrevocably changed. You feel damaged, disoriented, and disillusioned. Life looks meaningless. Crippling emptiness and loneliness overshadow you. You don’t know how to move on in life, or where to find peace and solace. Read More

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Self-Awareness: A Mechanism To Change One's Life

These days life has become Robotic. The majority of our thoughts & actions are on autopilot. Our habits, routines, impulses, & reactions carry us through our lives so we don’t have to stop & think about it every time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. . Read More

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How to Handle Criticism?

In our day-to-day life, each one of us encounters critical comments from our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or people in general for our physical looks, character, ability, dressing sense, social standing, and so on. Read More

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Healthy Relationship is based on Healthy Communication

Human beings communicate with others through eyes, speech, touch, action, body language, and even body aura also. To connect with others, we have to communicate and when we communicate for a long period of time a relationship is established. Read More

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How To Cope-Up With Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by persistent low mood, a feeling of sadness, and a loss of interest in daily activities. Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how one feels, the way one thinks and how one acts. Read More

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Sleep Hygiene Tips

Obtaining healthy sleep is important for both physical and mental health. It can also improve productivity and overall quality of life. Everyone, from children to older adults, can benefit from practising good sleep habits. Read More


Forgiveness Can Help Repair Relationships

When two or more two individuals and groups interact with one another and have a certain amount of trust & expectations are called “in a relationship”. In the process of interaction, mistakes are inevitable which causes anger, frustration to the partner. Read More


What to do if your child is bullied?

Ever wondered what a parent goes through when they hear from their child that they don’t want to go to school which was once their favorite place to be? After looking into it, what if the child says he/she is a bully and develops a hatred for themselves? Read More

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How To Boost Up Your Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is the belief in one’s own skills, goals, and ability to succeed. A confident person doesn’t think what others think of him/her and tries everything at full capacity. Confident individuals set the bar high, aim high, and try new things. Read More

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The Father-Son Relationship

As a boy grows up, there are many people who influence him and his development into adulthood. At this stage, the son builds his own identity. He needs to find his own way in the world. This is the time he badly needs his father. For him, the father is the most important role model. Read More

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How To Beat Work Stress?

Are you feeling overburdened with work? Are you carrying work anxiety even after office hours? Are you feeling headache, stomach ache, sleep disturbances lack of hunger? Are you feeling the depletion of energy and exhaustion? Read More

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How To End Up With The Right Partner?

In childhood when you join a new school you choose only 2-3 friends out of a class of 30-40 students. At that age, you don’t have knowledge of good or bad, intelligent or non-intelligent but still, you have some sense to identify the person who matches your liking. Read More

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How To Tame Your Anger?

Everybody knows what anger is, whether as a mild annoyance or as full-fledged rage. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems - problems at work, and personal relationships. Read More

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All About Teenage Depression

One out of every eight adolescents has teen depression. It's not known exactly what causes depression, but a variety of issues may be involved. The teenage years are full of pressure, uncertainty, and change. Teens grapple with a wide range of issues as they grow. Read More

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Single Parenting

Single-parent problems include having to adapt to a drop in income, a compromised lifestyle & even a change in house or neighborhood. The challenges of being a single mother are overwhelming & it requires a single parent to combine the roles of two people to raise the children. Read More

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The Power Of Your Belief System

In daily life, we see many people who despite their best efforts are not able to achieve what they want in life. They feel frustrated, helpless, and in despair. To alleviate their disappointment, they usually question their fate, karma, luck, Vastu, starts, and debate with God. Read More

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How To Do A Break-Up?

Breaking up isn't an easy decision. You may need to take time to think about it. Even if you feel sure of your decision, breaking up means having an awkward or difficult conversation. When you're the one ending the relationship, you probably want to do it. Read More

18 Good Parentng Tips

How To Be A Good Parent?

Before you become a good parent, first you should be clear with the reason why you want to bring a child to the Earth. Time has changed. Family as a unit has undergone a drastic change. A joint family has transformed into a nuclear family. Read More

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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Relationship?

Usually, women dream of a tall, dark, handsome, caring, loving, funny partner. They look for a perfect man who fulfills every economic, social, emotional & spiritual need, the man comes home on time, never drinks, never cheats, never flirts, and remembers. Read More

Yoga is a journey of the self, through t

Yoga & Meditation - Tools Of Happiness

Yoga, Is it just an exercise form? Is it a religion, a philosophy, or an ideology? Or is it something else entirely? The word "yoga" literally means "union". When your body,  mind and spirit, and existence are in absolute harmony it is yoga. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual & ascetic discipline. Read More

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How To Adjust With In-Laws?

With marriage, every adult acquires a surprise package of a set of relatives - their in-laws along with, a new set of rights and duties. A person who is just a son or a daughter suddenly becomes a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, etc. Similarly, parents who are just mother & father become. Read More

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How To Overcome Inferiority Complex?

An inferiority complex is a set of beliefs that we hold about ourselves where we always assign less value to ourselves in comparison to others. It is a composite of low self-worth, doubt, and uncertainty & feelings of not measuring up to standards. Consciously or unconsciously we compare ourselves,. Read More

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Better Days Are Yet To Come

To all those who have had bad days, To all those who have had bad months, And especially to those who have had a bad year, This one is for you. The black wallpaper, The deleted display picture, The lost smile on your face, Running from college to home. Read More

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Time To Say Yes To Yourself

How many times in a day does one say yes to others and no to yourself?  How many times did you hear yourself responding with a yes to the things that are not good for you, things that may have sabotaged your life? Have you been thinking too much about others lately? Read More

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Are You Prepared For A Marriage?

The very thought of marriage brings a series of pictures of shimmering dresses, grand parties, lavish dinners, and a huge gathering of relatives & friends. lots of dance and music, and lots of pomp and show. Is this the marriage? If yes. Read More

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6 Tips to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety

The outbreak of the disease caused by Covid-19 has plunged the world into uncertainty and dread. The panic state is real. However, the stress induced by constant misinformation about coronavirus via news and social media platforms dampens the person. Read More

12 Ways to overcome jealousy

12 Ways To Overcome Jealousy

Are you always comparing yourself to others? Do you get disturbed, irritated intimidated, or insecure the moment you see someone whom you think has more than you? Do you feel ashamed of seeing others doing better than you? If yes, then this is the emotion of Jealousy. Read More

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Coronavirus & Worklife

Plenty of us fantasizes about working from the comfort of our home in favor of more sleep, family, Netflix, or exercise time. But working remotely is a double-edged sword — sure, you get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus on actually working. Read More

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8 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution!

A few days back, I was out with my friends when I realized that I had a 1000 words paper due the next day. I panicked but told myself that I had three hours to complete it and it won’t be that difficult if I stick to the time. As soon as I reached home. Read More

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