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When to resort to relationship counselli

Each counselling session is for 60 minutes

Individual sessions (offline) are held in Noida


Explore Therapy

1 Session

Rs 1000

  • Pour your heart out

  • Build rapport with your psychologist

  • Discuss your concerns

  • Understand how therapy works

  • Recommended for those who are considering therapy for the first time

  • Validity of the package: 1 Week

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Express Yourself

2 Sessions

Rs 1800

  • Pour your heart out

  • Discuss your emotional concerns in detail

  • Work on therapy plan with the psychologist & discuss your goals 

  • Validity of the package: 3 Weeks


Identify & Discuss your Emotional Concern

5 Sessions

Rs 4300

  • You and your psychologist would work as a team.

  • Identify the negative thoughts patterns and behaviors.

  • Set short term goals of therapy.

  • Validity of the package: 3 Months


Become a Better


8 Sessions

Rs 6700

  • Self-exploration and analysis.

  • Developing and working on achieving healthier sense of self.

  • Bringing the best in you.

  • Validity of the package: 4 Months

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