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Online Session for International Clients

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Individual Session


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Couple Session

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Couple Session for International Clients


“Aishwarya took a session in our organisation on conflict management and it was really helpful in terms of the problems we were facing and all the employees gave very positive feedback about the session. I was really amazed by the kind of approach that was followed and few employees even took a personal session which in turn helped us a lot in improving the situation at the workplace.”

- Mrs. Manya Srivastava

(HR Manager, Software Company)


    “We are glad and happy to hire the services of Happeemindz for IMI. We have been greatly benefitted from the wellness program which helps them with coping skills to manage stress, encourage positive attitude, team building, social skills, positive relationship while bringing about self-awareness & teaching the importance of becoming resilient. It's one of the most popular sessions on the campus. Aishwarya is competent, knowledgeable, gives a patient hearing and suggests possible solutions and recommendations. We are fortunate to be associated with Happeemindz. Highly appreciated and recommended.

- Mr. Kapil Bhalla

(Director, IMI)


We are writing to you with absolute truth and integrity. When we approached you we were facing many interpersonal problems and there was no solution that seemed to be there.  We are lucky to have our son who sensed the gravity of the problem and approached you.  On the very first day, we started getting some normalcy and the process continued till the last session we had with you. Your personal touch and professionalism have brought out the miracle by which we have been able to get restored the normal and happy life.  We assure you that we will always have high your valuable counselling.  We recommend your effective counselling and wish you all successes.  Please keep going your mission and serve the society.

- Vijay 


  • How can counseling help me?

A counseling session is a one-to-one session wherein the counselor and client explore and discuss the client's emotional concerns. The session focuses on empowering the client to cope with the challenges healthily.


  • How long with the therapy go on?

This cannot be predefined. This is decided according to the severity of the client’s emotional concerns and their coping ability. This can be discussed with the counselor during the session.


  • How long is one counseling session?

Each counseling session is for 60 minutes. 

  • Is it confidential?

Yes, everything you share is held confidential. Your personal information is used for professional purposes only.


  • Can I switch from one mode of counseling to the other?


 Yes, you can choose the mode of counseling and you can request a change of mode during the session.

  • Where to reach out for face-to-face sessions?

Our counseling center is located in Noida. Address- C56/10 first floor, Sector 62.

  • Can I pay after the session?

Sessions are pre-booked and the payment would have to be done online. Cash payment is available for face-to-face sessions only.

  • What are the timings for a face-to-face session?


Our counseling center is open from 10:30 am- 5:00 pm from Monday-Saturday. However, kindly drop a text/whatsapp/ call on +91-8588875624 to confirm the available slots. Our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • What are the timings for an online session?

Evening slots till 8:30 pm are available. However, kindly drop a text/WhatsApp/ call at +91-8588875624 to confirm the available slots.

  • Where is HappeeMindz based?


HappeeMindz is based in Noida. However, you can connect to us from any part of the world by using our online portal for counseling.

  • What is the qualification of the counselor?


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Refund Policy for Counseling Services

At HappeeMindz, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality counseling services to our clients. We understand that circumstances may arise that require a refund or cancellation of services. Please review our refund policy below for information on how we handle such situations.

1. Cancellation of Counseling Sessions

  •  Client Cancellation: If you need to cancel a counseling session, we kindly request that you provide at least 4 hours notice in advance of your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee.

  •  Counselor Cancellation: If your counselor needs to cancel or reschedule a session, we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. If rescheduling is impossible, a refund will be issued for the canceled session.

c. Validity Criteria: If the session is kept unused until the validation timeline, it would be considered consumed.

2. Refund Eligibility

  •  Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to your satisfaction. If, after the first counseling session, you are not satisfied with our services, we offer a full refund of the session fee upon request. Please note that this satisfaction guarantee applies only to the first session.

  •  Refund Request Process

 Contact Your Counselor: To initiate a refund request or discuss the cancellation of sessions, please contact your assigned counselor directly or our counseling center at +91-8588875624


1. Confidentiality: While confidentiality is a cornerstone of therapy, there are certain limitations. All information shared in therapy sessions will be kept confidential except in the following situations:

  • If there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.

  • If there is suspected abuse or neglect of a child, elder, or dependent adult.

  • If disclosure is required by law.

2. No Guarantees: Therapy is a collaborative process and outcomes can vary. While we strive to support you in your goals, we cannot guarantee specific results. Progress in therapy depends on many factors, including the nature of issues being addressed and your commitment to the process.

3. Not Emergency Services: Therapy services provided are not intended for emergency situations. If you are in crisis or experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact emergency services, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.


4. Legal and Financial Advice: As a therapist, we do not provide legal or financial advice. Any information related to these areas should be discussed with a qualified professional in those fields.

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