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Better days are yet to come...png

Better Days Are Yet To Come

Better days are on their way...


To all those who have had bad days,

To all those who have had bad months,

And especially to those who have had a bad year,

This one is for you.


The black wallpaper,

The deleted display picture,

The lost smile on your face,

Running from college to home as if in a race.

Fighting with friends,

Falling in love

Tearing apart when it all ends.

Don’t let yourself fall down hard,

It’s just a bad year that too shall pass,

Live your days like it’s your last.

Find happiness in present and move on from your past.

Don’t let anyone tell you,

You are not pretty, handsome, or smart,

You are someone who is true at heart.

Don’t let one year ruin it all for you,

You are stronger than this,

You know what?


All those dreams would come true.

Live your life in moments,

Not in months and days

It’s just one phase.

Gear up better days are on their way.. 


(HappeeMindz, Intern)


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