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How to End Up With The Right Partner?

How to Identify the Right Partner?

In childhood when you join a new school you choose only 2-3 friends out of a class of 30-40 students. At that age, you don’t have knowledge of good or bad, intelligent or non-intelligent but still, you have some sense to identify the person who matches your liking. Similarly, even when you grow up, a certain type of personality attracts you, and few do not. The same person is good and liked by one, while rejected by others. While choosing clothes you choose a particular color, and a particular design and reject others. How does it happen? What makes you reject others and select only a few? Have you ever thought “Who guides you in this selection and rejection process?”

Actually, each individual creates an energy field which is called AURA or Vibes. Sensing auras is just a matter of how your brain is interpreting the aura, or energy given off by another person. At times this is called intuition or some vibrations, you experience when you sit and talk to each other. If you feel comfortable in each other’s company if you can spend long hours with each other, if you find acceptance in other’s eyes for you, like the way the other person talks, dresses, communicates, you can have an idea that this person is of your type. So first try to sense the aura of the person.

Once the aura is matched, you should explore mental and financial compatibility. These days marriage is more a mental and financial union than a physical union. Both partners are financially independent. They carry their own beliefs and values. So, all the aspects related to financial, and family responsibilities, should be discussed at a broader level so that it would be easier to adjust after marriage.

There is nothing like Mr. Perfect and Ms. Perfect. There is nothing like marriages are made in heaven. Instead, marriages are very much made on earth. You yourself should take the responsibility to choose a partner and nurture your relationship into a perfect marriage. Marriage is a life -long commitment. Ups and downs must be there. But both partners should have determination and faith to fight it out and lead a happy married life.

Ask yourself time and again the following questions:

1. Who is your ideal partner?

Do you know the type of person you want to be with? Because if you don't, how can you expect to find him or her? Before you set out to accomplish a goal, you must know what the goal is. Clarity creates direction. It helps you know what you're going after.

Answer the following questions to get clear on what you're looking for:

What qualities does my ideal partner have?

What does it feel like to be with him or her?

What attributes are the most important to me?

The clearer you are about the person you want to be with, the more likely he or she will come to you.

2. Are you a match for your ideal partner?

Now that you've made a list of whom you want to be with, you have to make sure you are a match for this person. In relationships, we attract people who match who we are. They mirror back the qualities we have and our beliefs about relationships. For this reason, it's crucial that you are being the qualities that you want to attract. Right now, take a look at the list you made about your ideal partner and ask yourself: Am I being all the qualities that I listed? Am I being the person that I want to attract?

3. Are you treating yourself the way you want to be treated?

Last, but definitely not least, you must treat yourself the way you want a partner to treat you. Since your partner mirrors back how you feel about yourself, you have to love yourself before the right partner arrives!

Don't wait for a relationship to feel beautiful, adored, cherished, cared for, and honored. Feel this way now, and you'll find someone who feels this way about you, too.


Reference: Mindbodygreen


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