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Healthy Relationship is based on Healthy Communication

In a relationship when communication starts to fail, everything else follows.

Human beings communicate with others through eyes, speech, touch, action, body language, and even body aura also. To connect with others, we have to communicate and when we communicate for a long period of time a relationship is established. Some relations are by birth and some consciously or unconsciously develop with the life process. Blood relations are very deep and strong. It brings a lot of expectations and rights with itself. We give lots of names to these like parent-child, uncle aunt, brother sister, and many more. Some relations develop when we move out in society and interact with others like friends, neighbors, employers, employees, husband-wife, clients, etc.

A healthy and happy relationship is necessary for a happy and peaceful life. Quality of relations decides the quality of life. Great relationships not only make working easier; they also improve productivity. Deeply connected relationships cultivate trust and mutual respect. But nurturing and sustaining a relationship is a big challenge. Different backgrounds, different beliefs, and egos attached to it make the process of communication even more complex.

Here are some simple ideas to keep your relationships smooth:

  • Kind, Constant, and honest communication

Share with your partner or counterpart about likes dislikes, opinions, preferences, your problems, your past, mood swings, happenings at work, etc. The more you are transparent and vocal, the less will be confusion and assumptions. Keep your partner updated. Always remember your partner is not a mind reader. Don’t build walls around you. The more you communicate, the closer you will be. This will increase trust and a sense of security in the relationship.

  • Concentrate on the problem and not the person

Sit together and sort out differences. Don’t play the blame game. Put yourself into his shoe and try to understand other perspectives. Take the opportunity to learn something and practice solving problems collaboratively.

  • Do not bring up past issues while discussing a present area of concern

Focus on the issues at hand and resolve them. Set aside a different time to discuss other areas of concern as bringing up past issues all at once will further add to the frustration and increased tension, which builds up negativity.


  • Never jump to conclusions

Don't respond to any situation until you have the whole picture. Nothing can cause more harm to a relationship than jumping to false conclusions, so let go of your biases and judgments. Learn to stay open-minded and work on getting informed. Patiently listen to others' feelings


  • Take initiative

Be the first to take the initiative to sort out the confusion. Don’t wait for the right time. Always take out some time daily to connect with those who really matter.

Smiling, hugs, kisses, and apologizing faces are the best way to communicate love, and trust. They have the power enough to solve big issues and restore trust in the relationship. the cornerstones of a loving relationship.


  • Be open-minded and understand your partner’s perspective: 

5+5=10 so is 4+6. We need to be open to listening to a viewpoint that differs from ours in order to understand what the other person is trying to convey. We react rather than respond if there’s a difference of opinion. We need to be more accepting. Acceptance makes us less defensive and more understanding and accommodating toward others.

  • Give more to Get more

Helping your partner in daily chores and other activities If you send signals of love and care most of the problems get solved. Healthy and strong relationships are based on giving and not taking.

  • Emotional support, validation, and compliments

Words like “Thank you” and such small simple statements do miracles. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Don't wait for perfection to strike; just appreciate and enjoy your colleagues, family, and friends for who they are. If you don’t feel that your partner likes and respects you, there will not be a strong connection. You must lift each other up and let each other know the depth of your caring.

  • Sharing life lessons with the one you love

When you discover something about life, or you make a self-correcting move that is healthy for your relationship, let your partner know. You’ll be surprised by the positive response.

  •  Compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness

Weathering the storms together is a big part of what relationships are all about We all screw up. Learning to understand and let go of mistakes that you or your partner make will turn your life around and give you more time for joy.

There must be a desire to be together as a couple. Don't let silence get between what you have to say to each other. Good communication must be developed but the process takes effort. Don't stop talking when something needs to be said and don't speak when someone else needs to be heard.


Gift something that brings a difference in your friend's life

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