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What people say



“Aishwarya took a session in our organisation on conflict management and it was really helpful in terms of the problems we were facing and all the employees gave very positive feedback about the session. I was really amazed by the kind of approach that was followed and few employees even took a personal session which in turn helped us a lot in improving the situation at the workplace.”

- Mrs. Manya Srivastava

(HR Manager, Software Company)


    “We are glad and happy to hire the services of Happeemindz for IMI. We have been greatly benefitted from the wellness program which helps them with coping skills to manage stress, encourage positive attitude, team building, social skills, positive relationship while bringing about self-awareness & teaching the importance of becoming resilient. It's one of the most popular sessions on the campus. Aishwarya is competent, knowledgeable, gives a patient hearing and suggests possible solutions and recommendations. We are fortunate to be associated with Happeemindz. Highly appreciated and recommended.

- Mr. Kapil Bhalla

(Director, IMI)


It was a well-researched and impactful session. I’d recommend a session to take a break from our daily work routine & focus on the right things.

- Mr. Archit Chaturvedi

Senior Sales Manager, IT Company 


The session was very well-structured and engaging. Learned different personality traits that will help to work with others”.

- Mr. Anoop Jain

(Co-Founder, Software Company)


The session helped me understand the importance of enhancing our belief system.

- Ms. Namrata Jain 

(Asst. Sales Manager, IT Company


The session was good. I learned how to speak to someone whether personally or professionally in a controlled manner.

(Principal Architect, Software Company)


It was an effective session. It helped me gain an understanding about the strategies to eliminate the habit of overthinking.

- Ms. Namita Mehta

(Team Lead, Software Company)


The session was smooth, entertaining and awesome. I'd highly recommend it.

- Mr. Saket Bihari

(Asst. Sales Manager, IT Company)


I attended the webinar, “Decoding Millennial Relationships”, organised by the team. The speaker was the Founder herself and her effortless interaction and insights really helped me introspect a lot many things that I otherwise overlooked. She had encouraged the attendees to ask questions without any inhibitions and indeed, the participants poured their hearts out. She, too, responded to each and everyone relentlessly. The takeaways were many and some key tools were discussed during the session which I have incorporated in my life and am working with. Really looking forward to their many more webinars!

- Ms. Divya Samuel




- Nidhi  

HappeeMindz is an amazing initiative where you can know & learn more about yourself. The Counsellor has excellent knowledge & experience. I am happy to get connected with the Counsellor & the team. Had a good experience in the Counseling sessions.


My psychologist gave me a direction and perspective, which made me bring the change where I could and live peacefully with the truth that there are certain situations and people that I can't change or influence.

- Yashika 


- Shubhnish 

Thanks to HappeeMindz team for such initiative where you can make your mental health much better and share your concern related to your personal or professional life with best Counsellor. Here not only you get expert advice related to life but also get practical tips to make things actually happen. If you are reading this, nothing is late in your life as still you are able to convert your life from Passive to Active. Kudos HappeeMindz Team.


We are writing to you with absolute truth and integrity. When we approached you we were facing many interpersonal problems and there was no solution that seemed to be there.  We are lucky to have our son who sensed the gravity of the problem and approached you.  On the very first day, we started getting some normalcy and the process continued till the last session we had with you. Your personal touch and professionalism have brought out the miracle by which we have been able to get restored the normal and happy life.  We assure you that we will always have high your valuable counselling.  We recommend your effective counselling and wish you all successes.  Please keep going your mission and serve the society.

- Vijay 


The whole experience with HappeeMindz cannot be put into words. I have learned so many things and the environment provided by Aishwarya ma’am was so warm. You’re a great mentor and excellent at what you do. A psychology enthusiast MUST intern with her at least once. The individual attention and feedback given by her genuinely clears the basics and increases the want to learn more.

- Aisha


I am happy that I reached out for a helping hand and grateful that she was there to hold, guide and correct me.

- Ajay ,



- Neha 

The session was really awesome! It really hepled us to come out of the problems of our life & taught us how to overcome the problem of overthinking.


- Divya 

Truly loved the session! I personally learned how to cut out negative thinking & maintain a balance with some positive assumptions.


- Deeksha 

The session helped me learn about how to stay positive in different situations & overcome the habit of overthinking.



     It was HappeezMindz & it's owner and Counsellor miss Aishwarya who came to my rescue when I was going through most fragile phase of my life. At HappeezMindz you are not only listened carefully but also provided with complete road map & sessions to heal whatever you may be troubled with. I urge you all to stop suffer in silence & plz visit them and you will see the change & increased in your happiness. I would recommend HappeezMindz to everyone who want to get a stress free life & increase his or her peace & happiness. Again a big thank you to the whole team.

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