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The Happee Times

March, 2021

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Zen Story
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You don’t have to run….without knowing why..

by Sanskriti Kapoor

In a Zen story, a man was swiftly riding a horse and it looked like he had somewhere important to be. On being asked where he was headed, the man replied “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

Isn’t this age-old tale still relevant to us? Just like the man on the horse, don’t we find ourselves being mindlessly pulled away by our habits?

Self-awareness is important for recognizing why we do what we do. It can help you to chart a clear route for the map of your life and set the destination that you want the traffic of your thoughts to help you reach.

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  • Journaling strengthens immune cells called T-lymphocytes, in turn strengthening your immune system.


  • Expressive writing has been linked to improved mood, well-being, and reduced stress levels for those who engage in it regularly.

Pause. Reflect. Write
by Arushi Suri

Let us help you develop self-awareness and put it into practice in your everyday life. It's not going to be that difficult. All you want is a little bit of patience, self-discipline, and consistency, and you're there.


  • Right before bed, replace mindless scrolling time with mindful journaling. Get a hold of 10 mins to sit with yourself and REFLECT.

  • Pen down your thought & emotions that you have experienced during the day and acknowledge them.

"Be an objective observer of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Increased consciousness of what goes inside your mind helps cope up with the challenges in the real world in a healthy way."

Expert advice
- Ms. Aishwarya Ajmani (Psychologist)
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