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We may have felt stuck while sitting at home during the pandemic. Many of us felt that life had come to a standstill and even though time was zooming by, we felt that we were not moving forward. The pandemic forced us to reevaluate our life choices and accommodate to the new normal. We kept on reminiscing about our pre-pandemic life and were waiting for the time when we could finally start to “live again”.


Stagnation is a common emotion that many of us felt and that which left us feeling frustrated at the current circumstances, and anxious about the future. Moreover, comparing our lows to someone’s seemingly perfect life on Instagram, made us feel worse and inadequate.


  • Anchor Yourself in Gratitude

One of the key ways to overcome stagnation is to anchor ourselves in gratitude. Remind yourself

that though you may have lost your pre-pandemic lifestyle, you still have a life, which is a great

deal to be grateful for. Try to list 5 things that you are grateful for, every morning after waking up.

Do this for a week and notice any changes that occur.


  • Find Your Own Pace

Also, though we may feel that our life is on pause, we need to remind ourselves that it has simply slowed down. Furthermore, we need to acknowledge that each one of us moves at a different pace in life and that we need to be careful not to indulge in harsh social comparison or self-pity.

Special Service For Frontline Workers

To recognize the courage, hard work, sacrifice, and invaluable contribution of our front liners, HappeeMindz has decided to step up and offer *free* therapy to frontline workers who are working 24/7 to help India battle the covid-19 crisis.

If you know a frontline worker who could benefit from therapy during these difficult times, ask them to give a call on +91 8588875624 or write to us at

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