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  • Be Compassionate To Yourself

In order to recover from guilt, we need to forgive ourselves and be a little compassionate. We need to be realistic about the things that we could have controlled, and the things that we could not have controlled.


  • Set Realistic Expectations

Be a little less hard on yourself and try to set realistic expectations, considering the given

circumstances. Learn that it is important to take good care of yourself because

“you can’t pour from an empty cup.”


  • Apologize if you have hurt someone

If you feel that you have hurt someone, accept your mistake and apologize. It can work powerfully to de-escalate emotionally charged situations and lets you reconnect with the person that you hurt. Taking responsibility for your mistakes empowers you and helps you move forward in the right direction.


We may have felt guilty of being a carrier of the virus, or of not being able to help our loved ones. Many of us may have also found the guilt of not being productive enough to creep in.


Guilt occurs when we feel responsible for the situation we find ourselves in. We feel that we did something wrong and that we could have prevented an event to a certain degree. The feeling of guilt can be hard on us and can make it difficult to move on. Guilt is a powerful negative emotion and if left unaddressed it can paralyze our mind.

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Special Service For Frontline Workers

To recognize the courage, hard work, sacrifice, and invaluable contribution of our front liners, HappeeMindz has decided to step up and offer *free* therapy to frontline workers who are working 24/7 to help India battle the covid-19 crisis.

If you know a frontline worker who could benefit from therapy during these difficult times, ask them to give a call on +91 8588875624 or write to us at

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