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Denial is one of the primitive defense mechanisms used by people to avoid anxiety. If a situation seems too overwhelming, we tend to shun it by ignoring its existence. We deny things in an attempt to protect ourselves from the facts we refuse to face. Choosing to stay in denial can be Dangerous






  • Acknowledge the Problem


We need to recognize that failing to acknowledge a problem, is a problem in itself. Yes, accepting reality can be hard sometimes, but we need to address problems before they magnify. Take your time to let reality sink in.

  • Examine & reframe your thoughts


Staying in denial will delay your emotional healing process. Express & experience your hurtful feelings. Try to examine your thoughts, and ask yourself “Is this thought rational?”. Think about the consequences of your actions and ask yourself what the right action could be for a given scenario. Ask yourself if taking the right action could prevent a negative outcome, as opposed to doing nothing.

  • Be honest with your feelings


Being truthful about your feelings to yourself and others will bring you closer to reality. The more you deny what you feel, the stronger it becomes. Only when you accept your feelings you will be able to get through it. Be strong and trust that you can deal with this.

Special Service For Frontline Workers

To recognize the courage, hard work, sacrifice, and invaluable contribution of our front liners, HappeeMindz has decided to step up and offer *free* therapy to frontline workers who are working 24/7 to help India battle the covid-19 crisis.

If you know a frontline worker who could benefit from therapy during these difficult times, ask them to give a call on +91 8588875624 or write to us at

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